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Rousing seashore is a favorite point for fantastic relaxation and catchy aura. Where the favorable air is literally saturated with a sense of splendid ease and merry carefree , it is inexecutable to exchange warm as fresh milk, astounding sea , white soft comfortable sand and fluffy unbelievable palms on the boring walls of ancient castles and monasteries.

Visual relaxation imagery · Depression treatment · Visual relaxation images

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Travel. Depression treatment. Visual relaxation imagery

Positive emotions are salutary for health , and the supernatural sea is the inimitable of their supplier. We all came out of the fantastic sea. The breathtaking sound of the waves, the improbable view of the horizon as it turns into the awesome sea - all this improves the feeling of a living soul,, relieves tension, reduces irritability, treats depression and charges with stupendous optimism.

In the first minutes in the west near the horizon, it is yellow, above - blue ball goes on a cold tone, shielding crimson cloud hanging over his head and pale purple haze, bordering the bottomless fascinating blue, which is the opposite edge of the horizon darkens and the east lies on the prodigious water heavy thick methylene blue. And all this is moving in his eyes, shifting color , border, changing astounding colors, running across the particular sky orange, purple, emerald majestic tones.

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